Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Google to hire more than 6,200 workers this year

"At this stage, the number of opportunities just vastly exceed the number of people we have at the company," said Alan Eustace, Google's senior vice president of engineering and research. This change, brought on by President Obama's plan for more jobs, will be the biggest expansion in Google history. This growth will fuel a workforce that already grew by 23 percent last year. While this expansion is welcomed by Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, it will not enthuse investors on Wall Street. Most investors on Wall Street would like to see bigger returns but simply cannot because of the way that Google is going about their spending. The increase in the workforce will decrease the amount of spending that Google will be allotted by those investors. They will have to pay more workers more money. However, Google executives are not worried about their spending money becoming scarce. They have a plan to hire only the "smartest computer engineers and most persuasive sales representatives" in order to stay ahead of the competition and make back some of that money. Also, Google has future endeavors to expand their horizons into other services such as telecommunication, media and computing. Another beneficial factor about this expansion is the amount of jobs that will be opened up in other countries also, not only in the United States. Google will become more efficient with this growth also. Being able to provide great service in many countries in many different languages will increase its popularity Even at their peak of employment, Google will still be behind the competitors at Microsoft. The folks at Google are looking to see a 25 percent increase in overall employment at the company, which will take into account other factors as well. The amount of pay for existing employees will most likely decrease in order to offer the new engineers more money. This is caused by a change in the number of employees at the Company requiring a paycheck. Google will most likely never lose popularity and will continue to see progress from this expansion.


Smith said...

"The amount of pay for existing employees will most likely decrease in order to offer the new engineers more money."

Please explain how/why you think this would happen?

Alissa said...

The amount of pay would decrease because they will have to free up more money for new more intelligent engineers. If at first Google offers them a lower rate of pay that will gradually increase, they won't be as attracted to working at Google as they would've been with a higher rate of pay being offered. The existing employees are at the point where they are most likely satisfied with Google and their rate of pay. So Google doesn't have to necessarily worry about them leaving the company. They have to worry about those new engineers going to Microsoft where they may be offering a higher rate of pay.