Monday, February 21, 2011

Rajasthan Minister Steps in to Save Tiger

A happy reunion Friday Febraury 4th between Tigress T-5 and her cubs at the Ranthambore national park. The minister saved the tiger in a near death experience. When Beena Kak was in the park taking pictures of the pond, he noticed the tiger lying on it's back with red marks all over. This red mark turned out to be "a life-threatening wound that had invited hundreds of maggots." After an hour long operation on this tigress, she was able to be back with her cubs.

"I felt disturbed when I saw what I had clicked. I went back to where I had seen the tigress first. I took some more close-ups and realized that blood was oosing out of the wound. I called up the divisional forest officer," said the minister.

The docter that took care of the tigress explained that it was a 4-inch-deep wound and if left unattended, the tigress would have died in two days. After a minor surgery, the tigress was able to be united with her cubs.

Minister Beena Kak gave up his time in order to save this tigress. This opportunity cost ended up saving this tigress' life. The doctor also gave up his time to save this tigress that was practically on their death bed if the maggots would have infected for any longer.


Smith said...

Please explain the economics of this article.

taylor said...

When the minister was taking his time out of his day to help this tigress when he probably has more important things to day. Although this may not be your average opportunity cost, the minister still shows an example of the concept of opportunity cost. Also, the docter takes in this tigress' surgery which will conclude to be the most important hour of this tigress' life because without, she would have died within the next two days.