Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is Apple Watching?

What looks to be like secret files on the iPhone that track user locations and log it on the device with out the users permission have been discovered. It is not very clear what the information is used for and why they have it yet though, but it is known that Apple has been collection data from their products with a 3G antenna for almost a year now.
Since this is very unclear this could be potentially very bad for Apple customers. Many people really trust Apple and are loyal customers, people also continue to buy their products simply because they trust Apple. This new information could jeopardize this though. Having data collected without the customer knowing is scary to many people. Customers weren't supposed to know about this, and now they aren't sure what it is being used for. This news could really hurt the company until they respond to all the questions. Temporarily, people may stop buying their products because they might feel as if they are being spied on. If they lose their customers, people may switch to the next best thing... the android. Studies show that the android is not using this technology to track their customers, and this might show a sense of security to many people and people may switch only for that reason. This news really can hurt Apple. It is the first negative comment I've really heard about the company, so it could really freak people out and start to question Apple more. This is going to lose customers' trust to the company and instead of Apple being the "it" technology company, they might turn into a sketchy company that people can't trust. This really has potential to hurt Apple.


taylor said...

I find this really creepy on Apple's part. Is that a really needed source? I think Apple will definitely lose customers. Even if not for the iPhone, they may lose them from other products as well.

Abby Winslow said...

Although this is not acceptable on Apple's part, I am not shocked to hear this. With technology being where it is today, who knows what other hidden features companies have put into our electronics? Because customers are not exactly sure what these secret files do, they will probably keep buying their favorite products from Apple until news is released of an explanation. If these files are proved to be used to "spy on their costumers" then Apple will most likely take a huge hit from this. And because Apple is a big part of today's economy, this could have an effect on much more than just the company.

morgan said...

This is the first time I've heard about Apple storing people's information, and I think that says a lot about how bothered people are by it. Although it is wrong, people are so used to publicly sharing information that this may not be a concern for them unless they are offended by the specific uses of the information. Apple technology such as the iPhone is technically considered a "want", but for many Americans it has become a necessity. Without it they could not work or communicate with those around them as much as they feel they need to. Because of this, Apple will have to admit to using the information in a seriously scary or dangerous way before people realize that they do not need Apple's technology and change to a different brand's goods.

Morgan K