Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Masters: Golf's Crown Jewel Now Sells Tickets

The Masters is a well known and highly repected golf tournament showcasing some of golf's greates players. In recent years The Masters has always maintained its traditional aspects but now decided it's time for a change. Because golf is big business in Georgia, where the tournament takes place, why not offer opportunities for regular patrons to come and witness such a historical event. With that oppotunity comes a price, 50$ for a day pass and 75$ for a tournament pass doesn't sound like too much. However you must purchase the tickets directly through The Master's website. With this being mandatory, The Masters will see quite a jump in their revenue and will directly benefit from this. People who are interested in such and event will have to submit an application to be considered eligible to attend such a prestigious golf tournament If people wish to buy tickets outside of The Masters, they will be looking at a much steeper price. The Masters essentially holds all the power in choosing who would be able to come and view such an event and because of this power they will gain popularity but could suffer minutely as far as revenue goes. Also, because many golf players shwocased in this tournament have sponsorships, those sponsors have to pay The Masters to allow the players to advertise their product on national television. The vice president of sales and marketing for Augusta, Georgia compares the reliance on Christmas that stores have is the same reliance that hotels and restaurants have on The Masters. Augusta being a small town greatly benefits from the tournament and the golf course itself takes on new inquiries for memebership, thus increasing its popularity.


Curt said...

I always assumed that the Masters sold tickets. That is very interesting that they just started selling tickets. That's a great way for the people that run that tournament to make a very large sum of money. Golf fans love the Masters, and if they have the oppurtuinty to see it, then they will definitely jump at the chance to witness it.

hayden said...

I don’t think that the Masters should have started selling tickets. It makes attending it not as exclusive as it was. It used to be that a ticket to the masters could only be achieved if you got a ticket through a sponsor of the tournament. Now anyone can buy a ticket to the tournament, for me it just doesn’t feel as special as it used to, it is not as classy anymore. I also don’t think it really changed their economy at all really, if it did not buy that much. Sure they will sell more tickets to people, but they are also decreasing the amount of tickets that each sponsor receives, thus sponsors won’t pay as much as they did for those tickets and won’t give more money as they did before. I just think that the masters should keep it like they have done it all along and not sell tickets to the general public.