Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NBA Lockout

The NBA Lockout has happen because owners and players cant agree on NBA contracts for next season. The most recent lockout was in 1998-1999 season, which caused them to lost 32 games that were suppose to be played. They also don't have enough money to go into the teams salary caps. The only way the NBA season could start right now is to pay every players a value of one million dollars which would be really bad for the NBA also. For example, an NBA team salary cap depends on how much money a team can player their players. If a NBA team had the salary cap of 55.5 million dollars they could get pretty much get any NBA Superstar they want.For example imagine if the Miamia Heat had Bosh,D.Wade,LeBron,Howard,Carmelo,Stoudmare,Jimmer,and Dirk. Which mean they would probably go to the championship every year and when you win championships you get more money. If your team is a highly favorite then their memorabilia sells go up and when their memorabilia sells are extremely high then it becomes a big part of their franchise. They could possibly rack in up to half a billion dollars just off that. Now for other teams that barely get any TV time or hardly sell out there stadium, its hard for them because they don't have any money coming in and that is one of the reason the lockout is taking place. By the time the lockout is over there is most like going to be some teams delete from the league. Either that or there are going to be some teams moved to different state because they don't have enough money to support there team. Its kinda hard when to owner of your team is rich but the team is about to go bankrupt. So when the lockout is over don't be surprised if you see a NBA team called The Salem Sonic s from Oregon or The Chapel Hill Fliers from North Carolina.

Outside Help and Boosters

According to Yahoo! Sports, booster Nevin Shapiro provided almost 930 million dollars that he acquired from a Ponzi scheme to over 72 athletes. Most of those players are now in the NFL and about 12 players are still at the university are in big trouble and are not allowed to play football this year. Documents from Miami show a booster who broke NCAA rules while simultaneously making tens of thousands of dollars in annual contributions to Miami’s athletic program. All while incurring massive bills aligning himself socially with a stable of Miami players. Shapiro stated that he became a booster in '01 and started giving gifts to players in '02. He was doing this with money he pretty much was stealing from people who were giving him 'loans' or 'donations'. ESPN gathered coaches, former players and staff of college programs together to discuss a "blueprint for change" for college football. The biggest topic they talked about was getting rid of third party contributors such as boosters and outside help. Eliminating those would in theory get rid of the scandals and rumors traveling all throughout college football programs. In essence, getting rid of outside help and these illegal boosters would help clean up college programs. Colleges won't have to worry about getting in trouble, losing scholarships, championships, awards, or coaches having to quit their jobs to stay out of trouble. Everyone could focus on the actual gameplay of football instead of the illegal allegations that come up every now and then due illegal benefits from outside help.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dirty Money at the U

The University of Miami (aka THE U) has done it again. For the second time in their football program's history they have been proven to have given "gifts" to student athletes. Why can't the boosters leave student athletes alone and prevent further damage to the prestige of the university? The answer is... Scarcity. Today winning in college football means one thing and that is being number 1. Today being the best college football team is high in demand.

athletes. http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2011/08/dirty-money-in-miami-whos-shocked-by-college-sports-latest-scandal/243801/

Nevin Shapiro understood how hard it was to be number one... After all he was on his way to becoming the highest paid ponzi schemer of all time before he was sent to prison for fraud. In order for his team the Miami Hurricanes to win he did what he was best at and invested in the entertainment value the players experianced while they attended Miami. Nevin Shapiro claimed that his "eight-year run of rampant NCAA rule-breaking" included "cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play, travel and, on one occasion, an abortion." Hmm... If I was a high school recruit I would definitely being willing to ride that investment out. However some of these recruits came to the university with nothing but the clothes on their back. One anonymous Miami player stood up for his teammate Tyrone Moss who took money from Shapiro saying he was "poor as [expletive] from Pompano and he's got a little kid to feed... Of course he's going to take [the money.] Who wouldn't in that situation?"

So does this mean Tyrone Moss and other poor athletes are greedy for taking gifts? No they're doing what it takes to survive and getting the most out of Miami's above average education. Is Nevin Shapiro greedy for donating to the school's post game football party fund? Of course not! Nobody who ever gave away money was greedy right?