Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dirty Money at the U

The University of Miami (aka THE U) has done it again. For the second time in their football program's history they have been proven to have given "gifts" to student athletes. Why can't the boosters leave student athletes alone and prevent further damage to the prestige of the university? The answer is... Scarcity. Today winning in college football means one thing and that is being number 1. Today being the best college football team is high in demand.


Nevin Shapiro understood how hard it was to be number one... After all he was on his way to becoming the highest paid ponzi schemer of all time before he was sent to prison for fraud. In order for his team the Miami Hurricanes to win he did what he was best at and invested in the entertainment value the players experianced while they attended Miami. Nevin Shapiro claimed that his "eight-year run of rampant NCAA rule-breaking" included "cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play, travel and, on one occasion, an abortion." Hmm... If I was a high school recruit I would definitely being willing to ride that investment out. However some of these recruits came to the university with nothing but the clothes on their back. One anonymous Miami player stood up for his teammate Tyrone Moss who took money from Shapiro saying he was "poor as [expletive] from Pompano and he's got a little kid to feed... Of course he's going to take [the money.] Who wouldn't in that situation?"

So does this mean Tyrone Moss and other poor athletes are greedy for taking gifts? No they're doing what it takes to survive and getting the most out of Miami's above average education. Is Nevin Shapiro greedy for donating to the school's post game football party fund? Of course not! Nobody who ever gave away money was greedy right?


Smith said...

I truly liked your question/answer in the first paragraph regarding scarcity. How do you think this affects those recruits that didn’t take any money? What do you think the football program will look like in 5 years? Do you think the concept of opportunity cost can be tied into this situation? If so, how?

mrkennedy said...

The recruits who don't accept any money or gifts but still attend Miami choose to take the risk of going to the university of their dreams knowing their school could fall victim to NCAA investigation. In the next 5 years Miami will likely be an after thought to Florida State who has won the recruiting battle the past two years in the state of Florida. Combining that with the sanctions Miami will further more set them back. Best case scenario for Miami is that the rebuilding period officially starts in five years.

Alex W said...

@ Smith

Miami is a high profile University and has a rich history in D1 football, regardless of what happens with recruiting in the next 5 years money handout will still be given to recruits. Money issues with Miami are obvious, but every other school in Florida is doing the same thing. As for Nevin him giving gifts to recruits is not to help them but for his own selfish reason. Miami is a great football program and will continue to be in following years.