Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cell Phones

When it comes to cell phones, everybody has one now and days, whether it’s the Iphone or The Galaxy Samsung II. Everybody loves to have a phone but the cost of paying the bill is just a pain at least for me, my phone bill is $40 dollars a month. Its probably cheaper plans out there but paying $40 bucks every month has kind of became the norm for me, kind of like you buying $3 dollars and some change at the gas pump. To have a phone is a microeconomics, its an individual decisions to have one, you don’t have to call or text people you can find another way to communicate. We could use a computer and send emails or just send a hand written letter in the mail. I understand having a phone make life A LOT easier but in this down economy we’re in there are a lot of cut back made. People are going laid off their jobs, businesses are closing, and people are cutting back on stuff they really don’t need just to meet the budge. For example, if people need money to pay a bill they will could probably cut off there phone, there children’s phone, and if there in deep trouble they can cut off there whole family plan. So if you need stuff cut back on the items you don’t need, like your cellular phone, movies, and eating out. All of these thing are just elastic items that you really don’t need you just have them because there a luxury to you.


Smith said...

In today’s society do you see cell phones as an elastic or inelastic good? Justify.

Upper School Government and Economics said...

I Agree with you that forty dollars a month for a phone bill seems rather high but, having said that I believe that an iPhone is very useful yet not necessary tool. The iPhone is definitely a luxury good but it can also help people earn money by being able to easily check emails and search important information concerning their job. In my opinion an iPhone may not be necessary but in general cell phones are inelastic goods. Cell phones are inelastic goods because no matter what people are still going to pay for them because they can actually help them to earn more money in a set amount of time than if they didn’t have one. Also people can cut back on other things besides cell phones if they need money such as eating at restaurants, buying expensive cars, and going to the movies.
-Michael T. M.

Katie R said...

Cell phones are truly becoming an addiction. Most people don't really need a cell phone because, like James said, they are simply a luxury. If cell phones didn't exist, communicating by computer or hand-writeen letters would be the ideal options.

mrkennedy said...

Another way to save money is to just not have a home phone. After all people with cell phones tend to keep them nearby. Another thing though is cell phones can be used to make your job at work easier.

James P said...

In today's time I see celluar phones/devices as
a inelastic good and a elastic good. It's a elastic because it's something everybody want but nobody really needs. It's a inelastic good because in a way it a necessary good for someone with a enturn job and need to schedule stuff quick and fast.