Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tent City, New Jersey

On a public land site off of Jersey Shore there are people who aren't living the life of the Italian Americans you see on MTV... No these people have formed a community known as "Tent City". There are 70 homeless inhabitants in Tent City who among many were successful but have lost their jobs in New York City during the recession.

In the above link their are some humbling videos about tent city dwellers and other New Yorkers who are suffering during our economic crisis. As I stumbled across these interviews I found myself depressed that our economy is so far away from helping these people. The residents of Tent city are so hopeless that they are giving up on the Government supporting them. In a interview with one New Yorker he implied that the middle class of New York are people who live off of some type of aid from the government.

The inhabitants of Tent City do have the right idea. Our government has to much influence on our economy and we need to give more power to the corporations by eliminating taxes to give companies a chance to expand. Thus eliminating the need for communities like Tent City.


Smith said...

Interesting point. How would eliminating taxes help corporations expand? Do you foresee less or more governmental involvement in our economic future?

mrkennedy said...

Eliminating taxes would prevent corporations from laying off their employees. I see less governmental involvement in our future with chances of a tea party member becoming president.