Monday, October 31, 2011

Rangers and the World Series

The Texas Rangers have been the world series two times in a row now and have come up short both times. The only thing that the Rangers have gained from the world series was more money. They have brought in so much money from all the merchandise that has been bought. After they went to the world series for the first time, they became a lot more popular and were selling more tickets for the next season. One good thing from all the merchandise that was sold is that Nolan Ryan has more money to spend on free agents to make next year's team better, and take us back to the world series and finally win one. The Rangers bring in a lot of money each year from sales and everything, and the increasing popularity that they are bringing in is helping them increase in value. They'll be able to buy more equipment and things for the players and give them bigger signing bonuses that will hopefully keep them there for a long time. The world series gives any team more revenue and by winning the world series, the team that wins will receive a huge amount of money. More and more people will want to watch the team next year and this will boost the confidence of the team to do well and win another world series.

3rd Quarter success

The 3rd Quarter reported increase in stock value. The economy has grown twice as fast the past few months... With businesses shrugging off fears of a recession. But is it the businesses or the people who aren't afraid of a recession?

Since 2007 American familes on average saved 3.6% of their income. This past quarter Americans only saved 2.4 percent of their income. Of course spending will stimulate our economy, but how long can people spend without worrying about their future? I don't believe trends like this past quarter will continue on because its just not realistic for people to spend money like this when their jobs are at stake.

This past quarter was a fluke and the next quarter for holidays will be weaker than normal. Then the first quarter of 2012 will be rather weak as well. But what this past quarter did prove was how much power the people do have to stimulate an economy.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cost of College

Recent surveys have shown that college tuition is on the rise again and this time, it's a big increase. The biggest price increases were in public institutions. There was 8.7 percent increase for in-state tuition at public two-year schools, and an 8.3 percent jump in the price of four-year public institutions, for in-state students. With this price increase some kids might not be able to afford college near their hometowns and will have to go to a junior college or something like that. This will be hard on the small town people that don't have much money and the kids will lack the higher education that they so rightfully deserve if they have been accepted to that college. Now with these price increases this will give kids more incentive to do better in school and try to achieve a scholarship that will pay for most or all of their college tuitions. For some this price increase means nothing and will not affect them at all. Colleges might see a decrease in the number of kids they have with the new price increase so they could lower the price back down to what they had when they had the most kids going to the their school. It would be nice for everyone if they could find an equilibrium price.

NBA Labor Problems

The NBA lockout has been underway for some time now and the commissioner has cancelled the first few weeks of the season and the labor problems don't seem to be getting better. The biggest problem for a lot teams and definitely the players is the amount of money they are receiving. The dilemma is that the NBA is full of great athletes, but it is classified by the superstars that make the team great. And those superstars think they should be paid a higher amount than the players not making the big plays. The owners are trying to even out the amount of money that the players receive. That's a real problem for the big name players and it will make them hold out until they can get more money. Some of the small name teams that don't ever do much might have to be shut down and more money will have to be made by the other teams to pay the superstars more money. There's no guarantee though that the teams not shut down will do well in the economy that we are in right now. The big time players might just have to sit out a while and accept the pay cuts and play the game that they love.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are you a 1 %er?

How much money do you think it takes for you to be in the top 1% of households as far as income in one year? Hmm... If you guessed 1 million dollars you and Dr. Evil are a little greedy.

In 2009, it only your household income had to be 343,927$ to be in the top 1% of America. Now does being in the top 1% actually equate to having the highest standard of living? The answer depends on where you live. Most of these 1%ers work in New York on Wall Street. Of course if you work on Wall Street you are only cool if you live in Manhattan and if you live anywhere else you will get mugged , but Manhattan is a very expensive place to reside though. In order to keep your cool investor rep up you have to dress up in nice expensive clothes so your clients feel like they can trust you with their money. The cost of living is also much higher than most places! So just because you live in the top 1% doesn't mean your the upper class of anyone.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Soldier Homecoming

Obama has finally pulled the plug! No I'm not talking about his re-election campaign... But I am talking about one of his Campaign promises! The troops are coming home!
(watch coming home music video here)

Yes P-Diddy needed to be part of this post! Anyway the toughest men and women in America will be out of Iraq by the end of the year... But what are they coming home to? Well what use to be New Jersey is now Tent City/Jersey Shore, our economy is in the dumps, and most of all America is safe from the War on Terrorism (we hope). Now as our young men and women come home we can only hope that the spending cuts on the war will equate to a thriving economy. If history does repeat itself then our country will likely bounce back like it has after WW2 and the war in Vietnam. The war on terror was very costly has far as lives and economically. But in the end we put to rest the leaders of terror in the world who could have cost everyone a whole lot more pain than anyone could imagine.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Oakridge School Homecoming is coming up and with all the things they have going on and all the people that come to do all events I know they generated alot of money. They have homecoming shirts going on sale for $10 dollars and 10 times 3000 is 30,000 dollars going to the school along with the parade. The parade is just a small fee of 2 dollars which will not bring in any money because the parade is only like a max of 100-200 people. The concession stands will bringing major money because when you can buy food and drinks at an event people are most likely going to buy it. The more people there are the lower the prices are going to be. With hot dogs at 2 dollars and hamburgers at 4 dollars and drinks ranging from 3 to 5 dollars people are going to want all three and if 2000 people out of 3000 people buy all 3 then that means $$$$.
I also think there is a deal we you can get all 3 for 5 or 6 dollars.To get food and drinks at an event is a luxury its not something we really have to have. All the money there getting I think money school is making a surplus from all the sales.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


LOVE, what is love? Nobody knows but as men we know the cost of it. On that first date you want to take a girl out to the movies and dinner. Lets just stay yall are going to see Paranormal Activity 3, so that’s going to cost you about $18.00 bucks for the tickets plus popcorn and drinks which is another like $20.00 bucks. So that a total of $38.00 dollars off the top and if she is a sweet girl she would want some candy which is an addition $4.50. You’re spending out $42.50 and yall haven’t even made it to dinner yet. For dinner yall chose The Cheesecake Factory, yall order 2 meals, a drink, and 2 slices of cheesecake. That approximately add up to $55.50 dollars, spending a total of $98.00 dollars on your first date, a girl you don’t even know that well. Some might say that not a lot of money but when it coming out of your pocket it’s a lot of money. So when you driving her home you better hope she not in love with you. If it true love let’s just say yall get MARRIED who know how much weddings cost now and days. The average for a decent wedding is $24,000 dollars with is a major deduction in your wallet. Being in love with a girl is cool but it’s also costly.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paying after the Slip

A recent national survey has found out that one out of every three Americans would be unable to make their mortgage or rent payment for the next month after losing their jobs. Even higher-income households would find themselves in trouble quickly. Ten percent of survey respondents who make 100 thousand or more said they would immediately miss a payment on their mortgage or rent. One spokesperson proposed a solution to help the unemployed, but it requires people to be taxed more into a giant savings account that would be spread across the unemployed to help them pay for their mortgages or rents. The unemployed would really push for this proposition, but most all other people that have a steady job and paycheck don't like this idea. They don't think it's fair for them to just give their money away to the unemployed when they have to work all the time and work to stay in the house they bought themselves. The unemployed people would not start looking for a job so soon if they were handed money to pay for their rent and everyone would possibly have to start working more to make up for the money they have to give away to the unemployed to get by. Jobs might open up left and right if this happened so that the unemployed people could quickly find a job and less people would have to be taxed to help support the unemployed. If this proposition was implemented a lot of people would get very angry.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Race for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation is a very inspirational cause that many people donate money to every year. The money that is received is all used for research for finding a cure for breast cancer. October is the month for breast cancer and everything at this time has pink on it and its proceeds go to the cure. Schools are now playing a big part in helping out. Schools all across the country are having 'pink outs' at their football games and pink merchandise is being sold, like pink gloves, cleats, wristbands, tape, etc. All of the proceeds go to the cure. Student council for these schools are ordering pink shirts that are sponsored by local donations and all the money received from buying a shirt goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Even if someone is not affected by breast cancer or their friends haven't been affected by breast cancer, people need to donate money to the foundation just because it's for a great cause that can happen to anyone. And a cure needs to be found so it won't happen and if it does, it can be cured quickly. Everyone needs to be apart of something special and by donating to this cause, people can feel good about themselves and know that they are helping out in the fight to find a cure for breast cancer.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Facing Buffett

At an attempt to force the Buffett rule the democrats look to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires by 110,467$ per household on Obama's new jobs bill. Than would mean 392,00 households But the bill will likely not pass because of the republicans firm position in not raising any taxes. But that doesn't mean Buffet is going to give up on ruining his former country club buddies payouts.

After billionaire Buffett claimed he had paid less in taxes than his secretary, conservatives from the Wall Street Journal doubted his claims and asked to have his tax returns to be released to the public. Here is where things get interesting... The Wall Street Journal is controlled by the conservative media outlet Fox. Warren Buffett is only willing to release his tax records if the owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, releases his own public tax records. What Warren just did could make the icon of the conservative political media known as one of the most greedy individual in America. If Rupert does not release his records Buffett proves his point that there are millionaires hiding the fact they pay a very low rate due to loop holes in the tax code, if Rupert releases his tax records and they are as low as Buffett's then it makes the republican party look greedy.

I think the Buffett rule should not lower taxes rather declare all tax records open to the public! That way if anyone cheats the tax code everybody in America will know it and think they're greedy. Uncle Sam can now guilt trip you to pay your taxes.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Future of Apple

The former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away a few days ago and many people are mourning his loss. Some people believe that Apple won't have much success now that he's gone. Others have said that with the products that Apple has recently released the company will have momentum for the next few years and they will be fine. The challenge will be if Tim Cook, the new CEO, can continue the success that Jobs lead Apple to for all these years. Jobs was instrumental in designing new technology and products that have revolutionized the world. The demand for the new iPhone 4S coming out soon is so high already and that's because of the new technology that was put in it and that technology was designed by Steve Jobs. Now that he is gone, people worry that in a few years the Apple products won't be making the huge leaps they are now. They fear that the demand for all their products will go down affecting the company's production, thus causing their prices to go up to make up for losses. Right now a lot of people are going to be buying Apple products just for Steve Jobs and this will be happening for a long time, so Apple should have nothing to worry about with their production and demand for their products. Apple will flourish and will forever flourish even without Steve Jobs. Tim Cook will take the company farther than it's ever been and will innovate this world in ways we will never even imagine.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

IPhone 5
When it comes to iPhones they always sell by the millions. Why do they sell by the millions? Because for one the company selling it is Apple™ and for two it's an iPhone 5 the latest one. Apple creates now devices and as soon as they go on sell everybody wants one. Most of these items are luxury but they can all be use for necessary reasons. Apple sells iPhones for about $200-400 dollars and iPads for about $500-700 dollars and on top of that they are selling it by the millions so there bringing in major cake (money). These devices easily go down in value, because if you drop it and the screen cracks (SMITH) then you can't resell it for that much. When somebody brines are crack there iPhone there looking to get another which provides me money for Apple™. Personally, Apple never really change stuff on iPhones and iPads they either make it big or taller or wider or smaller with the addition of a camera. I respect the amount of money Apple™ is bringing in but the at they can do is change it up and give the people there moneys worth!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dodging Bankruptcy

The Los Angeles Dodgers and owner Frank McCourt will face MLB commissioner Bud Selig in the court room october 31st to decide the faite of the team. Frank McCourt had to file for bankruptcy after Bud Selig denied the Dodgers right to a 150 million dollar deal with fox to televise their games. Selig believes it is best for baseball if McCourt loses ownership of the team. However Judge Kevin Gross will have the final say in the bankruptcy court room over whats best for baseball.

Frankly Bud Selig does not want another team like the Yankees or Red Sox to to be exempt participating in the league's revenue sharing system. Similar to how the Long Horn Network doesn't have to share its profits with other teams by having their own network. However the existence of networks like YES and LHN have been motivated by "greed", the dodgers were just trying to stay away from bankruptcy. If the Dodgers go bankrupt it will be very interesting to see how the future of sports telecasting rights change. It is very possible that this decision could be used down the line to create laws for collegiate athletic broadcasting. Especially with the fallout of athletic conferences.