Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cost of College

Recent surveys have shown that college tuition is on the rise again and this time, it's a big increase. The biggest price increases were in public institutions. There was 8.7 percent increase for in-state tuition at public two-year schools, and an 8.3 percent jump in the price of four-year public institutions, for in-state students. With this price increase some kids might not be able to afford college near their hometowns and will have to go to a junior college or something like that. This will be hard on the small town people that don't have much money and the kids will lack the higher education that they so rightfully deserve if they have been accepted to that college. Now with these price increases this will give kids more incentive to do better in school and try to achieve a scholarship that will pay for most or all of their college tuitions. For some this price increase means nothing and will not affect them at all. Colleges might see a decrease in the number of kids they have with the new price increase so they could lower the price back down to what they had when they had the most kids going to the their school. It would be nice for everyone if they could find an equilibrium price.


Josh T. said...

Education is the most important value in American life today. The current increase for college tuition poses a problem for many families that simply cannot afford college. Like Matt said, everyone deserves a college experience if they worked hard to get there, and money should be the last thing to slow that journey down. These price increases are terrible for upcoming students without scholarships because they are left with the choice of paying full price or entering the very tricky college loan system that is also facing its own money crisis. Education is the root of our nation, therefore prices need to decrease to a reasonable level and these flawed systems need to be fixed.

Mercedez Spears said...

Student loans are traps for college students. Not only while they're in school do these debts linger but also following into their adult lives. I agree that some type of decrease in price for tuition, or a improved system for loans needs to be provided.