Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paying after the Slip

A recent national survey has found out that one out of every three Americans would be unable to make their mortgage or rent payment for the next month after losing their jobs. Even higher-income households would find themselves in trouble quickly. Ten percent of survey respondents who make 100 thousand or more said they would immediately miss a payment on their mortgage or rent. One spokesperson proposed a solution to help the unemployed, but it requires people to be taxed more into a giant savings account that would be spread across the unemployed to help them pay for their mortgages or rents. The unemployed would really push for this proposition, but most all other people that have a steady job and paycheck don't like this idea. They don't think it's fair for them to just give their money away to the unemployed when they have to work all the time and work to stay in the house they bought themselves. The unemployed people would not start looking for a job so soon if they were handed money to pay for their rent and everyone would possibly have to start working more to make up for the money they have to give away to the unemployed to get by. Jobs might open up left and right if this happened so that the unemployed people could quickly find a job and less people would have to be taxed to help support the unemployed. If this proposition was implemented a lot of people would get very angry.

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