Sunday, October 9, 2011

Race for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation is a very inspirational cause that many people donate money to every year. The money that is received is all used for research for finding a cure for breast cancer. October is the month for breast cancer and everything at this time has pink on it and its proceeds go to the cure. Schools are now playing a big part in helping out. Schools all across the country are having 'pink outs' at their football games and pink merchandise is being sold, like pink gloves, cleats, wristbands, tape, etc. All of the proceeds go to the cure. Student council for these schools are ordering pink shirts that are sponsored by local donations and all the money received from buying a shirt goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Even if someone is not affected by breast cancer or their friends haven't been affected by breast cancer, people need to donate money to the foundation just because it's for a great cause that can happen to anyone. And a cure needs to be found so it won't happen and if it does, it can be cured quickly. Everyone needs to be apart of something special and by donating to this cause, people can feel good about themselves and know that they are helping out in the fight to find a cure for breast cancer.


Muhummed B. said...

Professional Football players set good examples for everyone. During the money of October it is very inspiring to watch players wear the pink gear and show kids every where that it is good to show that you care about a certain cause. When little kids see their favorite football player wearing pink, it will make them think, I want to be like him: a good athlete and a good person. When people who are affected by the disease see players wearing pink, it will let them know that throughout their busy schedules they still have to time to show their support. Football players help the cause because they have such a large fan base and the fans will want to donate just cause their idol is doing so.

Katie R said...

Breast cancer is a horrible disease that can affect millions of women around the world. It is excellent that schools are starting to show their support for breast cancer awareness because it shows people affected by breast cancer how much they are thought of and it gives them support to fight to find a cure. Pink is the main color for breast cancer awareness and in the month of October, you can see pink items being worn by people everywhere! Now that schools are doing "pink outs" for breast cancer awareness, every item purchased at a football game, the money from those items goes to research for finding a cure to breast cancer. By continuing to have breast cancer awareness and raising money for research, I believe that one day, the cure for breast cancer will be found.

Luke said...

I could not agree with you more that the NFL players have done a great job in setting a great example for young kids and teenagers like myself by wearing pink gear. I think when a kid sees that and asks there parents why they are wearing pink, they learn about the cause and begin to care. I also agree that when others with the breast cancer see supporters of all professions that care it is a very good thing.