Saturday, October 22, 2011

Soldier Homecoming

Obama has finally pulled the plug! No I'm not talking about his re-election campaign... But I am talking about one of his Campaign promises! The troops are coming home!
(watch coming home music video here)

Yes P-Diddy needed to be part of this post! Anyway the toughest men and women in America will be out of Iraq by the end of the year... But what are they coming home to? Well what use to be New Jersey is now Tent City/Jersey Shore, our economy is in the dumps, and most of all America is safe from the War on Terrorism (we hope). Now as our young men and women come home we can only hope that the spending cuts on the war will equate to a thriving economy. If history does repeat itself then our country will likely bounce back like it has after WW2 and the war in Vietnam. The war on terror was very costly has far as lives and economically. But in the end we put to rest the leaders of terror in the world who could have cost everyone a whole lot more pain than anyone could imagine.

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Daniela Ramirez said...

I agree with you, the amount of people will definitely increase economy! There are some problems however such as how will the soldiers get jobs if some do not even attain a high school diploma and who will pay for a therapist for those soldiers whom went through a horrible traumatic experience? My guess is that the economy will get better but very slowly, probably in years because the employment rate is low, the government still need to find a way to pay their debt other than having solders come back home. No, I am not being disrespectful towards our brave soldiers who fought with so much might but that's only a cherry in a cherry pie that the government has removed. The debt is still incredibly high and the government can’t afford to keep losing money but if troops come back home, then the government will have to think about how much to spend on shelter for some soldiers, a deceased soldier’s family and the salary a soldier will have to be paid according to their education status. Subsidies may help but that will just increase the debt even more. Slowly but surely the economy will grow back but it’ll be a long time from now before we see the economy getting better.