Friday, January 27, 2012

In class we have been talking about welfare, the purpose of welfare is to help those who cannot financially take care of themselves, due to different reasons. As unemployment grows, the amount of people on government aid grows. This video talks about America's unemployment rate. In the video they show the ruin of an old manufacturing town. Many people in this town are out of work and looking for the government to help. Once upon a time however people in this town use to be employed and very efficient people. This town, use to be named "silk city", because of the mass amount of silk the city produced. A lot of people in the country don't agree with welfare but can not come up with a solution to solve all the problem with welfare. I don't believe welfare problems will ever be solved, but one thing we can do is create jobs for people so they will no longer have to need government based aid. I know this isn't a fast or easy process but this man seems to have a way we can start to bring jobs to Americans. America use to produce a lot of things, now it seems every time you look on the bottom of an item is says "Made In (another countries name)". The man in the video suggest if we bring manufacturing back to American a lot more people will have jobs. Bringing manufacturing back we might just be able to revive the booming production towns such as "silk city".


Taylor said...

I agree with you on this one. The only way to get our country out of this state is to get everyone a job, and the only way for this to happen is to do what you said, bring manufacturing back to America.

We have discovered that foreign countries are willing to produce the same products for half the price, so naturally we send every job possible over seas and make big bucks off of it. BUT, we seem to have forgotten that even though we make tons of money from manufacturing over seas, we lose even MORE because the American people can't find a job to keep themselves afloat. So, I feel that instead of going for dollar signs, we need to keep the well being of American people in mind before making any and every decision. Which would including bringing jobs back to America.

Smith said...

What are the costs of bringing manufacturing back into the US? Why should companies pay, what I think to be, a higher production costs? Can you honestly say you do not see a fix to the welfare issue?