Friday, January 20, 2012

This article deals with the ‘Big Chop’. The act of a girl cutting all her hair off for the sake of growing a new, natural,healthier head of hair may be taboo for some people. This change for healthier hair is called ‘The Big Chop’. Although the act my be unheard of for a lot of people it has created a buzz within the African- American community for some time now. Some might ask why exactly would you do this to yourself? Doing the big chop will free some women from the harsh expensive chemical, better known as a relaxer,  used to straighten their hair. Women who do the big chop will learn to embrace their hair naturally, which gives them a new look but also a new attitude on life. This idea of embracing your natural self sounds great but the struggle it takes to achieve this new natural lifestyle is quite a journey. Others most likely will have an opinion about doing the big chop. Mainly because our society via media isn’t glorying the idea of a African American wearing her hair has it naturally grows from her head. Dealing with negativity is also a con of doing the big chop. Once a woman has cut her hair off to such a short length she can feel very self conscious. Many woman who have been receiving a relaxer for most of their life, manging their own natural hair can be quite the task. Some women have long relaxed hair but to become fully natural will cut most of it off and have to maintain a curly, kinky look. Many people desire to go natural but will have to give up their long, easier to manage hair. In other, more economic, terms the opportunity cost of some one going natural will be the parting of long, straight hair.


Taylor said...

I like that you used a topic that many people never think of including in economics. As said in the documentary “Good Hair” black hair business is one of the largest industries in the country that accumulates millions a year. Great observations.

Smith said...

This was very interesting. I am glad you made the connection between women’s hair and the media. I wonder when the media started to glorify the relaxed hairstyle? Why would they glorify relaxed vs a natural look? If there becomes a huge shift to the natural look how do you think this would effect the barber industry?