Thursday, February 9, 2012

According this article, the super bowl was bigger than ever. Generally, the Super bowl brings in the most money in a calendar year, but this year it brought in more than money than ever in history. But why?...During Super Bowl the food, beer, and tv sales tend to go up since so many people raid the stores at that time. This year, the same thing happened, but even more people did it!

During black friday and the holiday sales, it was expected that tons of TVS would be sold, so the supply went up. But, the normal demand for TVS just didn't happen, leaving the companies with a surplus of TVS. Because of that, the were forced to drop their prices a big more to get rid of the left overs. When Super Bowl came around, people took notice in TVS again, and a record amount went out and bought new TVS. This is one factor that led to making this Super Bowl the biggest in history.

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Alex D. said...

The popularity and viewership of Super-er Bowl XLVI did impress me as well. It’s a consumer’s and retailer’s paradise. Personally, I think this is a sign the economy is on the rise: people feel a bit more confident in the dollar’s status, more confident in tomorrow’s paycheck, and more confident in their purchases. Quite a large number of people have held out/been frugal for too long, and just want to splurge a bit, you know? The first weekend of February is truly a holiday, one where people leave their houses or internet caf├ęs for once, go buy a 6-pack, and indulge. It’s pleasantly refreshing to see Americans return to their usually splurging/reckless ways. It means we feel safe in the future. The ads, most promoting new cars / American manufacturing & products, all inject confidence into the markets.

And yeah, people bought televisions. I’d like to see more analysis and the examination of the consequences of the Super Bowl (or whatever your topic is) next week. Feel free not to respond to my comment.