Monday, February 27, 2012

Prom dresses in relation to the economy

It's prom dress season and for all the girls, it is one of the most exciting times of the year for shopping! There is a variety of options, colors, designers and many more to choose from. Many girls have already bought or ordered dresses and prom isn't even until April or May. So why all the hype for these designer dresses that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars? After all, it is just one night to dress up and show off a beautiful but expensive purchase. Plus, every year prom dresses seem to get more expensive. However, women seem to run the economy. At least the shopping aspect of things. I've heard a saying once that said, "Without women in the world, money would be useless." Since all these girls are planning to spend millions of dollars overall on dresses, it is a stimulant for the economy and allows us as a society to continue our recovery from the recession. I believe since people are planning on or have already spent several hundreds of dollars on dresses, this shows how our economy is improving and into a recovery phase.


Daniella said...

I love this post. It takes something that us girls want and ties it into economics. I adore the line "women seem to run the economy". I think we definitely are the majority of spenders in the economy.

Alex D. said...

It's true: women are the primary consumers. They're much "pettier" than men; would you not agree with the idea that women more easily coerced into spending money in a recession. Fret not, this helps to lubricate the gears of the economy. Feminine demands spurs an increase in supply.

As for prom dresses, I disagree when you say it will bring, as you say, "fix the economy."