Monday, March 5, 2012

Gas Prices

With the economy so delicate, any type of stimulant or leakage could have drastic effects as we continue to try and recover from the recession we have undergone. This weekend I was filling up my gas tank and since I drive a Suburban, the gas station is never a fun place to go. As summer quickly approaches, along with college and other expenses I will be hurting the more gas prices rise. Although raised gas prices bring more money into the economy, this may not be helpful to society as a whole. Since Arlington is so large, a car is definitely a necessity just for me to get to work and make money. However, if I put all my money that I make towards my gas, I will not be in a better economic situation. Why do gas prices have to increase by so much? It's actually doing greater harm than good. Also, if I go away to college, I will lose my job and money will dwindle quickly especially if I'm paying 100+ dollars for a full tank of gas. This is probably the number one issue on people's mind and it really needs to be resolved. I really think the economy is getting better but gas prices scare me. High gas prices equals less money to consumers therefore making consumers more restrictive when they do choose to spend money.


Darcy said...

I agree with you here, Amber. High gas prices definitely scare consumers into being more conservative with their money. This is especially dangerous, as if people mentally choose to save more money now, our economy could double dip and hit the trough again. We need more money pumping into the economy from spenders, and high gas prices tend to make everything expensive, which also means not only are consumers paying at the pump, they are paying for gas everywhere.

Brittany said...

I agree as well. Our economy is on the brink of coming out of this awful slump ,but with gas prices expected to reach up to five dollars by the end of the summer I don't believe people will be traveling as frequent or even spending their money on fun events in town. Driving will become a very limited thing which will determine the injections into the economy. Higher gas prices means less spending, less spending means economic downfall.