Friday, March 2, 2012

The MLB has decided to extend their playoffs. So what would this do for both the teams and their economies? When teams make the playoffs their revenue goes up because the games will tend to have sold more tickets and in most cases they are complete sellouts. This will also improve Major league baseball as a whole. More games will require more television time and which will attract more viewers. Now with both the organizations and the MLB as a whole will benefit from each other because the amount of merchandise sold will increase. Now with the two new teams added to the playoff system there will be more rewards to be a divsion winner because the three division winners will recieve a first round by. This will also allow the teams from more competitive divisons get more teams into to the playoffs. Those teams such as the Boston redsox last year have major followings which also brings more money into the system.

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Taylor said...

This was a very good idea on the MLB's part, and could ultimately contribute to the entire countries economy. Of course the MLB its self is tiny compared to the rest of the country, but like Super Bowl week end it evokes more spending in many major parts of the government. For example the amount of spending on beer, chips, and other party snacks would increase thus causing the companies to buy more to make more, etc.