Friday, March 9, 2012

Social Media

This article is very interesting it talks about how social media can help us get out of this economy down turn. Social media allows people to communicate faster and easier. This allows the news of new jobs opening circulate a lot faster. Before social media, and the internet people mainly found jobs in the news paper and looking in to their local business. Now people can set up accounts online to find jobs within fifty miles, they can also talk to people online to help them with their resumes. Jobs are also looking at your social media pages looking for characteristics your don't show in your interview. The question I have is how is the social media really impacting our economy? I know jobs are being circulated better but is that a good thing? With technological advances how is that impacting our economy? We often look at our economy with services that make money but what about a service free to consumers, like social media.  

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